Back to alpha : An alpha 1.2.6 server.

Back to alpha is an alpha 1.2.6 server. We aim to bring back minecraft's good old days. Maybe you miss the 2010 era, or maybe you're just curious about how alpha worked and looked like and want to give it a try. Now you can come back in december of 2010 and play alpha with us, on a nice, friendly server. A lot of the alpha bugs and crashes have been patched (duplication, instant item repair, etc..) and our launcher makes it easier than ever to play alpha 1.2.6. It also adds some nice features, like skin fix, higher res texture packs support and nuclear grass, for peoples who misses it.

Joining :

Because it's alpha, authentication is handled in game. That means you have three methods of joining the server, using our launcher, using multimc or using retrowrapper.

First method : Using our launcher

Our launcher

You can download our launcher here. It looks like the good old minecraft launcher and has great features, like an auto-connect button, neon green grass, support for higher res textures packs and skin fix. It also has password authentication, meaning you don't have to type /login everytime you join, the game does it for you.

Second method : Using retrowrapper

First you'll need the old launcher. Now that you have it, just log as normal, create a profile and set version to alpha 1.2.6 (make sur to enable alpha version). Now that you ran it once, go download retrowrapper here, run it, select version "a1.2.6", and click "Install". Now you can select version "a1.2.6-wrapped" in the profile setting of the launcher and join as normal using the ip "".

A screenshot of retrowrapper

Third method : Using MultiMC

With multimc, you can play old versions like alpha 1.2.6. Simply download it, run it and then "add instance" and "enable old versions". Then create a new instance and use version alpha 1.2.6 and add your Minecraft account to MultiMC. You can now join as normal using the ip "".

The Staff :

Here is a list of our staff members :

thetrashcan101's head
Kaleroni's head
edwan192's head
Darwin45's head

The Dynmap :

If you're curious about how our world looks like, you can take a look at the dynmap below, or here. Be aware that the build of dynmap we are using is very old, thus the world doesn't look as good as it would in the latest releases of dynmap. But hey, it works, *wink wink*.