B2A is closing.

Yeah, good things always ends...

Hello guys. Yesterday, january the 2nd of 2019, we (evilpancake102 and edwan192) have decided to make an end to the backtoalpha project.

We hope you will not be too disapointed by this news, but we have things to do in life (studying, etc...). B2A was an interesting experience, with nice peoples arround the world.

I'm very happy to have met all of you guys, this comunnity is awesome. Don't lose hope tho, you can still download the world here, and the launcher will still work. The world's gonna be hosted by AlwaysAlpha as a whitelisted server (but we all know aa's hosting quality sooo...). Make sure to apply on their discord if you want to keep playing on the b2a's world. We also released all of our work in alpha 1.2.6 on modstation, and at the download page. I'm a huge fan of free and opensource software, that's why I think we needed to give that to the comunnity.

- Edwan192

Thank you everyone for joining and thank you v0va for helping me patch a bunch of exploits on the server. I wish everyone who moves to AA goodluck, you will need it on there... x). A new alpha 1.1.2 might MAYBE comme soon, you'll be informed on the discord.

- evilpancake102