B2A's download page.

Here you will find all our project related to alpha 1.2.6. There is also some dev documentation, for heavy dev persons willing to do very deep networking (trust me, it's fun). Everything here is placed under WTFPL v2 (except for the docs because they don't belong to us) but please cerdit us if you use anything for here (just put somewhere something like "We're using <program name> which was made by the B2A dev team. You can find the sources for that program at backtoalpha.tk"). Have fun with theses.

Code and stuff

Name Description Download
Alphax An alpha 1.2.6 hacked client that edwan wrote. It's also known as "AAKiller" by some of the community, but AAKiler was early alphax code stole by... someone... bin
Dynmap A real time world renderer for hmod. This was actually taken from the actual dynmap's git history, the web part has been rewritten tho. src
Alphalink An HMod plugin that allows you to link minecraft's chat with a discord text channel. src
AlphaEssentials An HMod plugin. Basically like Essentials for bukkit but with a heck less features. src
Silverbird Silverbird was aiming to be a fully functionnal custom server for alpha 1.2.6. It never ended up like that xD. Now it's a bungeecore-like thing. It works really well tho. Net lib is gread and easy to use. Protocols are well handled. World lib is shit tho, and all the game's logic is left to be written. git
HMod + Plugins The modded hmod we used to run + all of our plugins, compiled. bin
HMod Our modded hmod. Includes alot of fixes, for crash by example. src
MCP The mod coder pack we used to edit the game. Zip is fixed to extract properly under linux. bin


When writing stuff for alpha 1.2.6, we used various documentation. We'd like to thank the comunnity behind wiki.vg and the minecraft wiki. Here is a little list of the docs :

Description Link
Minecraft alpha 1.2.6 protocol doc. Protocl is fully documented, all packets definitions are very detailed. here
Protocol FAQ, anwsers some questions, explain the login procedure. here
World format documentation. here
Chunck format. Explain in depth working of the world format. here